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Sp/f MES: the Staff


Niklas Kenneth Joensen:  - phone: +298 52 10 50
52 years old.
Mechanical engineer from the shipyard in Tórshavn.
Marine engineer from the school in Tórshavn,
Sailed as marine engineer on fishing vessels, small and large cargo vessels and supply vessels.
Last employed by Maersk Supply Service for 14 years, including 7 years as Chief engineer.
Founder of MES.


Peter Højgaard Brodersen:  - phone: +298 51 97 35
51 years old.
Mechanic engineer from Maskinfabrikken Bola in Gladsaxe – Denmark.
Marine engineer from the school in Tórshavn.
Extended marine engineer from the school in Copenhagen.
Electrical engineer from Leif Mohr in Tórshavn.
Authorized electrical engineer in the Faroe Islands.
Sailed as electrician and marine engineer on fishing vessels and cargo vessels.
Last employed by APM-Mærsk for 17 years, including 2 years as marine engineer, 13 years as electrical supt and 2 years as travelling supt.
Have been a team member for more than 55 Maersk dockings and major repairs.
Founder of MES.






Company details:
Sp/f MES
Birnugøta 14
FO – 100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands


V-number: 559679

 Mechanical & Electrical Support