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m/tr Vesturland - Fire onboard during fishing

Yesterday Faroese fishing vessel Vesturland called for assistance, as a fire was started onboard. The vessel was located 40 Nm SW from Faroe Islands. The crew was rescue by helicopter and some hours later cost guards vessel came to the vessel.

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m/v Safmarine Maru collision with container vessel Northen Jasper

Today APMM container Vessel Safmarine Maru had a collision with German container Vessel Northen Jasper and fire started just behind the superstructure. Safmarine crew were evacuated shortly after the collision.

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m/v Yusuf Cepnioglu - Mykonos Greece

Today m/v Yusuf Cepnioglu hit Mykonos Greece. The good thing is that all crew members was saved.

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