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m/tr Akraberg - Paint supervisor back onboard

Our paint supervisor Karu is back onboard m/tr Akraberg in order to make paint upgrade while the Vessel are in service.

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m/tr Akraberg - Our paint supervisor Karu onboard for paint upgrade

Our paint supervisor Karu have completed his works onboard m/tr Akraberg. Now the vessel is on the way back home fully loaded. We wish Karu a very good vacation.

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m/tr Høgaberg - New fishing vessel to Framherji

Today Kenneth and Peter was invited onboard the fishing vessel TORBAS, which Company Framherji have purchased from Norway.The vessel arrived Torshavn 1000hrs and went for a presentation trip to the home port, where the local brass band entertained during the welcome ceremony. The vessel is only 2 years old and will be renamed HØGABERG. MES have worked regularly for Framherji since 2007. We wish Fremherji all the best with the new vessel.

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m/tr Fagraberg - Complete full paint upgrade of hull, deck and RSV tanks

m/tr Fagraberg have completed full paint upgrade of hull, deck, RSV tanks and other upgrades at Karstensen Shipyard - Skagen - Denmark. Kenneth assisted Framherji with this project.

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m/tr Fagraberg - Completed dry docking, coversion and modification

Today m/tr Fagraberg complated dry docking repairs, conversation of main deck and other modifications. The complete project was done in a few steps beginning in December 2012 in order to have the Vessel ready for the fishing season.
Peter and Kenneth supervised this project.

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